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Nikki McKnight "Moments"


Wake up every morning. Thank God im here and focused
Say a prayer for the fam. And anutha for the homies
This path for me was chosen. And it's a blessing that I'm on it
It ain't always easy for me. But I'm loving every moment
I wouldn't trade it for the world
All these places I been, all the things that I seen, and the people I meet
I'm loving every moment
All the lessons I learnt, all the blessings I've earned, while I follow these dreams
Every hand in the air, every face in the crowd, yall keep holding it down
I got us, I promise won't nobody stop us from holding that crown

This the part where i pop a bottle and pour whatever I'm drinking on
And make a toast to the wake up of everyone who been sleepin on me
I'm finally getting my just due that's been overdue for some time now
I'm still indie, tho the homies tell me yo grind look like u signed now
I got shows, spins, and royalties. Love in the U.S. and overseas
Woman of my dreams now belongs to me
Can't really say it's much more I need
I mean, I feel like a star. I'm setting new records and setting the bar
I feel like a blueprint for some these movements, cuz u didn't do this til u seen me do it.
No new shit up under the sun, but I think I've proven that I am the only of one
Regardless who with or against it, if it's in His mission for Nix then I'm gon get it done
I am not concerned with the rest unless it's concerning a check with my signature by an X
That way I am sure to invest or profit or something, my timing is money


With the people that I'd die for. The people that I ride for. The people that I strive for
My goal never was to make it but their faith is so amazing, these people that I try for
I drive and I fly for em. Thru all of these states and see all these new places, meet all these new faces
My God it's amazing to hop off these stages and get so much love from all of these strangers
From filling these pages with feelings of greatness my history's still in the making
So sit at the table, I'll get u a plate and then feed u and give u the game
Now that's how i dish it and take it
Sit there and waste it or hear what I'm saying. That cup full of pride, u can sip on it later
Won't mind if it spills on the table. My nigga I'll get u some paper (now let that soak in....literally)


When it's seeming like life threw u nothing but curves, and u finally feel everything coming full circle
U feel so invincible, nothing can hurt u. Forgive all the ones who deserted u. Learn to just cherish who u mean the world to.
I promise it works when u focus on all of the good
(I pray on it man,) I wish all of u could
For real I wish all of u good
I save the last one for the ones who be thinking bout trying me, man I wish all of u would
I'm older and wiser but please be advised if u like it man I can show all of u hood
But let's keep it positive I done been put thru a lot of shit -
I prayed and worked my way out of it
My breakthrough , I gotta thank God for it
Cuz my mind I nearly went out of it
I done been let down, but how I was brought up
When u suffer setbacks, u grind til u caught up
Get down on my knees only to hit the Lord up
Put my mind at ease from those demons he fought off
Now life is in order. And this feeling's amazing
I live for these moments. I swear u couldn't pay me to trade it.


released August 16, 2015
written by: Nikki McKnight
produced by: MoMurdaBeatz



all rights reserved


NiX Columbus, Georgia

Columbus, GA's Nix McKnight is destined for greatness. Gaining buzz from her first single "Motivation" off the project "The McKnight Files," Nix is ready to hit the streets to let the rest of the world see up close and personal what the game really is missing. Equipped with a smooth voice, but rough flow (often recognized as 'brutal honesty'), Nix literally defines the phrase "quiet storm." ... more

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